Honda Silicon Valley Leader Featured in "Who Makes Honda" Video

Although studing automotive engineering at the University of Tokyo, Naoki "Nick" Sugimoto, never though he would be working in the automotive industry. Nick joined Honda in 2005, and he now aids as the link betweeb technology and automotive industries and is the recently Honda associate featured in the What Makes a Honda is Who Makes Honda video series. See video below.

Naoki heades Honda Silicon Valley Lab (HSVL), suoervising Honda's advanced information technology R&D in Silicon Valley, as well as its strategic collaborations worldwide as the Senior Program Director of HSVL. The lab leads international interactions between Honda and technology companies to create out-of-this world products and consumer interactions.

"A lot of change is happening in the technology and automotive industries, and going forward it is more important now than ever for Honda to work with innovators of all types to remain competitive," said Sugimoto.

Before joining the Honda team Sugimoto, was an entrepreneur who has head series of technology venture companies in the US and Japan. He also created a website  that he says is similar to Yelp and Craigslist for Japanese speakers. Sugimoto has always amired Honda before joining the company. He even named his son after the companys founder. 

The connected car experience took a huge step toward the introduction of Android Auro and Apple CarPlay to Honda vehicles, but according to Sugimoto that's only the beginning. Your experience in the car is going to be very, very different in the future," he said. Sugimoto's guidance, has helped Honda play a major role in founding the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), which is a group of automakers and technology companies that are committed to bringing the Android platform to cars.

Sugimoto, strives to help as many Honda associates as possible at HSVL in the future, so Honda associates can carry on the torch of high technology innovation beyond the standards it is now.