Electric vehicles are now a thing of the future and not the past! Technology advancements have created the once futuristic idea into something we now see on the roads next to us. Honda has introduced the 2017 Honda Clarity that will allow you to travel with zero emissions. If this doesn't excite you, it will surely excite the younger generation around you! A cleaner world starting by eliminating the exhaust vehicles push into the air that is tested to be toxic. No more standing at the smelly gas stations or even paying for gas at that with the Honda Clarity. 

Honda has made it available for its consumers to plug up their vehicle and get an estimated 42-mile all electric range. Cruise around town in style while savings the earth; we totally dig this lifestyle!


With just a little over three hours, you will have yourself a fully charged Honda Clarity that can get you from Point A to Point B. Even if one is in a rush, 30 minutes can charge you up as much as 80 percent if using the DC fast charging SAW combined charging system that you can purchase. The sedan is powered by a 161-horsepower electric motor that lives under the hood. With the full size space of a sedan, you are able to have the space that you need and are use to, so no compromise there!

The Honda Clarity has yet to hit our market yet, but Honda is making moves to make sure everyone can experience the beast of this vehicle. Keeping power and style in mind, Honda was able to create a vehicle to share with you and the earth. This is a huge step into how we can work to save the planet and maintain green-life living as long as possible. 

Stay tuned for more details about the Honda Clarity!

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