What is the true cost of ownership when it comes to your vehicle? Insurance, gas and more can add up after your car payment or lease every month. Many people turn to electric vehicles for various reason like tax breaks, no gas payments etc... Gas prices rise then fall, and are never consistently on the downfall that we all wish they would take.That is why charging up your vehicle may be the route you want to take in the long run to keep you moving and grooving through your days. Honda is introducing a pilot program called SmartCharge to celebrate YOU, who wants to go eco-friendly with your daily automotive needs.

This is currently available to Honda Fit EV owners in California, but don't fret, a test market could pop up anywhere. The idea is to automatically charge when there is a low demand for electricity and a high availability of renewable energy. 

How it Works

Fit EV drivers participate in Honda SmartCharge through the free HondaLink EV app, where drivers can create a profile and select preferred charging times. The program incentivizes drivers to participate in SmartCharge events, which delay or reschedule charging to match grid conditions. After Enel X confirms the eligibility of the user and a minimum of five charging sessions are completed, the customer will earn a $50 sign-up reward. Additional rewards of up to $50 will be calculated based on a customer’s participation rate over each two-month period. Moreover, by avoiding charging during times of peak demand, the program can potentially cut costs for utilities by avoiding the need to build expensive peak power generation plants or grid upgrades that might otherwise be necessary.

Honda Fit EVs will initially participate within the Southern California Edison service territory to enable the vehicles to react to the California Independent System Operator’s real-time energy prices. The results of the SmartCharge test program will be studied with an eye towards expanding it to additional EV models and regions.

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